A Day of Rest…

It’s Sunday… a day of rest… Aaahhh… feeling better already? Well, take a break from the hustle and bustle of your day and check out the line up for The Columbus Indiana YES Film Festivals SHORTS programs! That’s right – you love ’em (so do we). And this year, there were SO MANY great shorts that we just had to double our shows! So – don’t miss these SHORTS…


Bragg N East



The Palace

Grange to Garage


Shorts and Shenanigans

By Any Means A-Veilable

5 Ways 2 Die

Failure Groupies

Mending Pinocchio

Boogaloo and Graham

Time 2 Split


Merry Xmas


Check out when they are playing (along with the narratives and documentaries) on the 2015 Schedule page at: http://www.yesfilmfestival.com. Also on the website, you can learn more about each of the Shorts on the 2015 Films page.

Once you’ve done that, jump on our Facebook page and TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! Scroll through the posts and FRIEND, LIKE AND SHARE! 🙂





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