More than meets the eye…

There are so many reasons to attend The Columbus, Indiana YES Film Festival…


OUTSTANDING Q&As with filmmakers…


but, there’s more!


Did you know YES Cinema is a non-profit cinema owned and operated by the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center? All proceeds from YES Cinema go back into the LCNFC to help fund its over 30 programs provided to children, families and adults in downtown Columbus. YESfest is no exception! YOU can help make a difference in the lives of LCNFC’s neighbors as well! By purchasing tickets for YESfest or dining on our fabulous concessions and food items, you will be helping to provide Christmas gifts for children, uniforms for adults starting new jobs, gas cards for parents going back and forth to hospital visits, counseling visits for families and much more.


So – COME to YESfest and know that not only are seeing the best in movies, YOU ARE doing good by HELPING THE LCNFC HELP OTHERS! It’s OUTSTANDING isn’t it?




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