Saturday’s Schedule at YESfest!

Thanks everyone who attended last night’s films at YESfest! Fun night – great films – and a very interesting and entertaining Q&A with Rob Underhill, producer of Dar He! (Thanks Rob!)

So – TODAY! Below is the schedule! We hope to see you all day and evening buzzing from one theater to the next. Don’t forget – you can grab lunch and dinner at the Cinema Café and enjoy beer, wine and concessions.

1:00 THREADS OF OUR DIVERSITY (Q&A following with some of those featured in the film)
2:30 JUST FOR FUN – THE SHORTS PROGRAM (Q&A following with Tony DiMaso, Producer of The Harbor Story)
2:45 STUCK (Q&A following with Lori and Nick Leroy, parents featured in the film)
5:00 WITHIN A SEASON (Q&A following with Matt Kerkhoff, Producer of the film)
7:00 WINGS FOR MAGGIE RAY (Q&A following with Philip Paluso, Producer of the film)
8:30 WAR ON WHISTLEBLOWERS (Q&A following with Franz Gayl, one of the Whistleblowers featured)
8:45 45RPM

We look forward to seeing you at the movies!


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