The show’s about to begin…

The selections have been made, the letters have gone out and we couldn’t be more excited about the diverse and unique program of films coming soon to this year’s YESFest. With 11 features and 9 shorts, we’ve got a lot of movie to pack in to our three days – though for all you completists, we have made sure that it is physically and mathematically possible to view all of them over the long weekend.

[Breakfast and lunch will be available at the Cinema Cafe for those that want to take on the full YESFest marathon, and it’s not considered cheating to grab that extra iced tea for the final screening of the day.]

Keep tuned to this blog over the coming days and weeks for trailers, teasers, galleries,  synopses and even exclusive interviews with the filmmakers of 2012’s YESFilms.

In the meanwhile, let’s start things off right with a trailer from “All She Can,” an official selection at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, produced by Columbus native (and independent film powerhouse) Susan Kirr. Enjoy!


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