Winner of the Sundance World Cinema Audience Award for Best Drama and recipient of the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival, “Kinyarwanda” is a film we are truly honored to present.

Shot on location in Rwanda with native Rwandans, many of them survivors of the events portrayed, “Kinyarwanda” takes us through events before, during and after the genocide of 1994. Director and Screenwriter Alrick Brown uses a fractured chronology to great effect, deepening our understanding of events and of the wonderful characters themselves, as we revisit them.

“Kinyarwanda” is a powerful – and at times devastating – film, but as Director Alrick Brown has said, this is not a film about death and violence, it’s a film about life, about the choices we make and the power of unflinching forgiveness. As Robert Ebert so rightly states in his review, “Here is a powerful film.”

For more about this incredible film, do check out the Kinyarwanda official site and click below for the official trailer.



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