And now… some DOCS! In alphabetical order… Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine

Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine

a film by Connie Field

Documentary, 92 min.

Israel, Palestine


Sunday, November 2, 1 p.m.


The glorious strains of gospel music wash over the West Bank in this stunning, remarkable film. An African-American gospel choir travels to Palestine to sing in a Palestinian play about Martin Luther King Jr. Artists meet across two worlds, and these loving and talented young Christian singers become witnesses to life under occupation and a non-violent movement for social justice. “Al Helm” is Arabic for The Dream.





Speaking of The Shorts…

One of the featured shorts – LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – is having a contest! They are giving away a CHANCE TO WIN DVDS….

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT is collecting crazy pictures of people in crazy places worldwide wearing the film’s pin badges that are available at YES Cinema! If you don’t already have one, they are just inside the lobby across from the box office.

Take a picture of yourself wearing one and sent it to them…

They will re-post them and the craziest picture will get to win Free DVD’s every month!!!

So what are you waiting for??? Send in your crazy pics wearing those pin badges!!!


THE SHORTS! See some teasers…

See more about The Shorts Program…

“Tales of Life and Love”

Narrative shorts about relationships — in life, in families, with lovers. Some stories a bit serious, most are lighthearted. From Ireland, UK, Iran, Australia, and back home again in Indiana.

91 min


Saturday, Nov. 1, 2:30 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 2, 3:15 p.m.


Picture Show

Michael Hicks & Robyn Rebecca Young

15 min.


In a small southern town, an elderly couple, confined to their home for years, venture out to the old theater where they once “courted” years ago.




More Than Two Hours

Ali Asgari

15 min.



It’s 3 AM. A boy and a girl are wandering in the city. They are looking for a hospital to cure the girl, but it is much more difficult than they thought.



Dandelion Dreams

Johnathan Gorman

22 min



Director and cast will conduct post-film discussion


A young ad man’s life starts to unravel when he is forced to work with a new account, and he begins to question what it means to “fit in.”




Websites –


The Square of the Cube

Kirsten Cavendish

16 min.



A math teacher, haunted by his second-place finish in a Rubik’s Cube contest 30 years ago, seeks out the boy who beat him, for a rematch.





Venetia Taylor

3 min.



Bill and Barbara aren’t growing old gracefully, but they’re too drunk to care.




Distant Thunder

Venetia Taylor

6 min.



Pam and Richard are divorced. Richard has a new life, but there’s something strange on the horizon.




Love at First Sight

Mark Playne

14 min.

Spain, United Kingdom


A silent film that transcends language to tell this heart warming, universal story of a lonely young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams.





EMPIRE OF DIRT – another great narrative!

Empire of Dirt

a film by Peter Stebbings

99 min.



Sunday, Nov. 2, 5:30 p.m.

Producer will conduct post-film discussion


In this lovely, fun and poignant story of daughter, mother and grandmother — three generations of Canadian First Nations women struggle to deal with the demons of their past. When her daughter suffers an overdose, single mother Lena packs her up and flees to her own mother’s home far from the city. But Lena hasn’t been home for 13 years.





Rob Underhill Returns with a couple of Narratives!

Two more great films you don’t want to miss at YESfest 2014!!!


The Cameraman

24 min.

and The Carrington Event

48 min.

two films by Rob Underhill



Saturday, Nov. 1, 7 p.m.

Director will conduct post-film discussion


One of YES’s favorite directors is back with two short features. In The Cameraman , which premiered at Cannes, a wannabee movie-maker’s documentary turns into a real life horror story. In The Carrington Event, news of a massive solar flare goes viral. Power is out. phones and radios dead. Days pass with no news, just people getting more crazy. Both films are vintage Underhill — entertaining, quirky, with surprises at the end.


The Cameraman



The Carrington Event




Cas & Dylan

a film by Jason Priestley

90 min.


cas & dylan

Saturday, Nov. 1, 5:15 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 2, 3:30 p.m.


Richard Dreyfuss plays a 61-year-old doctor diagnosed with terminal cancer, who has one more wish before he dies – to make a solo trip out West for a very unusual reason. Tatiana Maslany brilliantly plays Dylan, a young and spirited wannabe writer who latches on to Cas’s journey, and soon this unlikely pair are both on the lam.



Plan your weekend NOW!

Sure we still have a few weeks until YESfest but why not start planning now? Columbus has so much to offer!

Jump on the Columbus Indiana Visitor’s Center website ( and pick out some things to do between films – architectural tours (did you know Columbus is ranked in the Top 10 in architectural significant cities?) – don’t miss a trip to the Miller House (it will knock your socks off!) – flush yourself down the giant toilet at kidscommons (don’t worry, you won’t get wet!) – treat yourself to a visit at some of our great downtown shops like Viewpoint Books and Lockett’s Ladies Shop and more!

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