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YESfest 2014 Films Announced!

Hello Film Lovers!

If you have not already marked your calendars – now is the time! We are just over a month away from The Columbus Indiana YES Film Festival – November 1 and 2!

Seventeen amazing films have been selected from hundreds of entries! Are you dying to know what you get to see that weekend??? Read on!

(drumroll please…)



Cas & Dylan

Directed by Jason Priestley

Richard Dreyfuss creates another unforgettable character in this delightful buddy movie with Canadian star Tatiana Maslany.


The Cameraman

Directed by Rob Underhill

A wannabee movie-maker’s documentary turns into a real life horror story.


The Carrington Event

Directed by Rob Underhill

A massive solar flare leaves the power out, phones dead, water pipes dry. An epic fight for survival has begun.


 Empire of Dirt

Directed by Peter Stebbings

Lovely, fun and poignant story of three generations of Canadian First Nations women who struggle to deal with the demons of their past.




Picture Show

Directed by J. Michael Hicks & Robyn Rebecca Young

In a small southern town, an elderly couple, confined to their home for years, venture out to the old theater where they once “courted” years ago.


More Than Two Hours

Directed by Ali Asgari

It’s 3 AM. A boy and a girl are wandering in a city in Iran, looking for a hospital to cure the girl. But it is much more difficult than they thought.


Dandelion Dreams

Directed by Johnathan Gorman

A young ad man’s life starts to unravel when he is forced to work with a new account, and he begins to question what it means to “fit in.”


The Square of the Cube

Directed by Kirsten Cavendish

A math teacher, haunted by his second-place finish in a Rubik’s Cube contest 30 years ago, seeks out the boy who beat him, for a rematch.



Directed by Venetia Taylor

Bill and Barbara aren’t growing old gracefully, but they’re too drunk to care.


Distant Thunder

Directed by Venetia Taylor

Pam and Richard are divorced. Richard has a new life, but there’s something strange on the horizon.


Love at First Sight

Directed by Mark Playne

A silent film about a lonely young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams.




Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine

Directed by Connie Field

An African-American gospel youth choir travels to Palestine to sing in a Palestinian play about Martin Luther King Jr. in this stunning film.


Brave New World

Directed by Cecilia Peck

Miss Israel Linor Abargil was crowned Miss World in 1998. What nobody knew at the time was that she had been stabbed and raped in Milan just six weeks before.


Bronx Obama

Directed by Ryan Murdock

An jobless Puerto Rican father from the Bronx shaved off his goatee, and looking back at him in the mirror was the President of the United States.


I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

Directed by Dave LaMattina, Chad N. Walker

Caroll Spinney has been inside the Big Bird costume for 45 years. He is 80 and has no intention of stopping. How could he? He’s Big Bird.


Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection

Directed by Stephen Newton

One in 107 American adults are incarcerated, and one in 34 are under court supervision, costing state governments $50 billion a year. Why?


To Be Takei

Directed by Jennifer M. Kroot

When he played Sulu on the Starship Enterprise, George Takei was in the closet. Later he boldly journeyed out into a life of human rights activism.



Directed by ML Lincoln

Edward Abbey – known especially for the bestseller The Monkey Wrench Gang – never let up in his pledge to protect the wilderness.


SEE? You DON’T want to miss out on these great films! More details on each film coming soon. For now – mark your calendar and check us out on Facebook as we are adding information there also!


And the winners are……………

CONGRATULATIONS to the Audience Award winners for Best Narrative, Best Documentary and Best Short at the 2013 YES Film Festival! All of our films were great and guests had a hard time choosing. It was very close voting! (YESfest’s Team of Talliers had not seen voting this close before in any of the festivals they’ve tallied!)

So, please join us in congratulating:

Best Narrative
45RPM (a film by Juli Jackson)

Best Documentary

Best Short (a tie!)
THE HARBOR STORY (a film by Ton DiMaso)
THE FUTURE (a film by Venetia Taylor)

Thank you to ALL of our outstanding films and congrats to the award winners!



What a great festival this past weekend! Many thanks to our fabulous guests, the talented and inspiring filmmakers and stars, the tireless volunteers AND to our sponsors who helped make it all possible!

See you in 2014!

(Oh winners of the Audience Awards are announced tomorrow… stay tuned!)

Day Three – Still plenty to see!

Two days are under our belt at the YES Film Festival, but there are still outstanding films to see today! Yesterday’s feedback was amazing! Some folks were dropping their jaws… some shed a few tears… lots of laughs… but most of all GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!

Below is today’s schedule:

1:00 DAR HE: THE LYNCHING OF EMMETT TILL (Q&A following with Rob Underhill, Producer of the film)
1:30 WITHIN A SEASON (Q&A following with Matt Kerkhoff, Producer of the film)
2:45 WAR ON WHISTLEBLOWERS (Q&A following with Franz Gayl, one of the featured Whistleblowers in the film)
4:45 45RPM
6:00 WINGS FOR MAGGIE RAY (Q&A following with Philip Paluso, Producer of the film)

It’s your last chance to see these amazing films and meet our talented guests! We look forward to seeing you this afternoon!

Saturday’s Schedule at YESfest!

Thanks everyone who attended last night’s films at YESfest! Fun night – great films – and a very interesting and entertaining Q&A with Rob Underhill, producer of Dar He! (Thanks Rob!)

So – TODAY! Below is the schedule! We hope to see you all day and evening buzzing from one theater to the next. Don’t forget – you can grab lunch and dinner at the Cinema Café and enjoy beer, wine and concessions.

1:00 THREADS OF OUR DIVERSITY (Q&A following with some of those featured in the film)
2:30 JUST FOR FUN – THE SHORTS PROGRAM (Q&A following with Tony DiMaso, Producer of The Harbor Story)
2:45 STUCK (Q&A following with Lori and Nick Leroy, parents featured in the film)
5:00 WITHIN A SEASON (Q&A following with Matt Kerkhoff, Producer of the film)
7:00 WINGS FOR MAGGIE RAY (Q&A following with Philip Paluso, Producer of the film)
8:30 WAR ON WHISTLEBLOWERS (Q&A following with Franz Gayl, one of the Whistleblowers featured)
8:45 45RPM

We look forward to seeing you at the movies!

IT’S HERE! Friday’s Schedule

Day one of what is going to be a GREAT festival! Come on down and join us at YES Cinema for the start of a film-filled weekend! Below is today’s schedule:

5:45 STUCK
8:00 DAR HE: THE LYNCHING OF EMMETT TILL (Q&A following with Producer Rob Underhill)

Don’t forget – Cinema Café will be open with yummy treats and we will be serving beer and wine, along with YES’ regular concessions!

See you tonight!


Hello Film Lovers! We are just one day away from YESfest 2013! It’s going to be a perfect weekend to head downtown and enjoy these amazing films.

If you are wondering where to park, here are some recommendations…

On the street – public parking is available on Jackson and on 4th Streets.
Parking garages – Two public parking garages are on each side of YES, one at 4th and Jackson and one at 3rd and Jackson

Keep coming back for more details today and tomorrow!

A gift from YES Cinema – an extra hour!

Are you worried you won’t have enough time to squeeze in all of the films this weekend at YESfest? Well, let us give you an extra hour! That’s right – Saturday night we “fall back” with Daylight Savings Time! So – stay out a little later with us Saturday night because you get an extra hour of sleep!

If you need a pillow to rest your head on, there are still opportunities to book a hotel room – but you better do it quick! Call Hotel Indigo at (812) 375-9100! They are just steps from YES Cinema’s doors!

Don’t forget to check out the schedule of films this weekend! It is listed on the home page under 2013 Schedule! Also visit previous postings on the blog… they tell you more about the films, what yummy treats will serve this weekend and more!

Great movies! Great FOOD too!

Four more days until the YES Film Festival opens for 2013! We keep telling you how you will want to stay downtown all weekend for these great films! Well, we have GREAT FOOD and SPIRITS for you to enjoy also! The Cinema Café will open for special hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with some of their yummy dishes!

Friday: 4:30-7:30
Assorted cheese plate… cheese and salami plate… black bean and corn salsa… savory hummus and veggies… and deli sandwiches

Saturday: 12:30-6:00
Soup/chili… deli sandwiches…BBQ sandwiches… grilled donuts (the infamous – can’t eat just one!)

Sunday: 12-2
Soup/chili… deli sandwiches… BBQ sandwiches… grilled donuts (the infamous – can’t eat just one!)

We will also be serving beer and wine on Friday and Saturday! Several selections of domestic and premium beers with white and red wine choices.

It’s just more to be excited about!